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Delivery Information

We use DHL Service Point, Postnord and Schenker. The transport alternative will be picked according to the weight and size of the package. Delivery is normally done within 2-5 workdays. 

If the delivery for any reason would be delayed, we will contact you to agree on a new suitable time of delivery. Should you not agree with the new delivery time, you as customer have the right to revert the order.

You as customer has the responsibility to state correct data for the order. Please read about the terms about incorrect address below.
If there is any damage to the package during delivery, this has to be reported immediately. If the content of the package is damaged, you report this to the service point or directly to the transporter. You must get a confirmation from the transporter that they agree that you have received damaged goods. Always save this confirmation. We are thankful if you inform us right away if a package is damaged, but within a week from the date of retrieval. Send an email to with photos attached and we will help you.


We normally use Postnord for transports. We reserve the right to send your order per normal letter if the order value is low. We always use eco friendly packaging if possible.

We base freight cost on weight and size of the order. Orders above 500 SEK will be delivered free of freight cost. If the order is below 500 SEK the customer pays a freight cost of as low as 49 SEK. Freight costs are clearly visible in the checkout.

If a product is delayed for any reason outside Organic Baby´s control, you should contact the transporter.Organic Baby does not have any responsibility to reimburse the customer for possible damage caused by a transport delay.

When the product is on its way from Organic Baby to you as customer, Organic Baby together with the transporter is responsible for the transportrisk. You and the transporter is responsible for the transport risk in case of a return to us.

Ej uthämtade paket, förlängd liggtid samt förändrat utlämningsställe eller mottagarnamn

Varor skickade till privatperson finns kvar på utlämningsstället i 14 dagar. Om liggetiden för paketet måste förlängas hos ombudet tas en avgift ut av Postnord, vilket debiteras mottagaren, för närvarande 250 kr. Beställt paket som inte uthämtas inom angiven tidsram, returneras automatiskt till Organic Baby. För fraktbolaget uppkommer faktiska kostnader i samband med detta (returfrakt, expeditions- och hanteringsavgifter) vilket debiteras dig som kund. Dessa kostnader uppgår för närvarande till 250 kr. Samma kostnad (250 kr) tas även ut av fraktbolaget om kunden måste byta mottagarnamn, byta adress eller ändra utlämningsställe på sitt paket, vilket debiteras mottagaren. En avgift per nödvändig ändring tillkommer.